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Presenting the Great American Rock and Roll Detective Novel:

Book Cover

Life in Paradise City has taken a turn for the disastrous. A new superpowered version of the Fantasy drug has hit the streets, and users from all walks of life are turning up with their minds permanently relocated to their own private Fantasy world. Law and order are casualties as the fabric of society unravels faster with each passing day.

Easy-go-lazy private eye Jack Chance finds his own world upended when he is conscripted by an overwhelmed police force and placed on the trail of missing UniPharm scientist Dr. Robert Woodburn. An encounter with aging hippie Eddie Rodgers sidetracks the detective's investigation, sending him off on a whirlwind trip through a maze of pop-culture settings in a quest to learn the identity of the mysterious Red Octopus who lurks behind the spreading chaos.

The reader is taken along on a journey both fast-paced and far-ranging, from a terrifying thrill ride with a little old lady from Pasadena, to the Sunset Grill in Chicago in search of deceased gangster Leroy Brown. From the tranquil lawns of Pleasant Valley to the clamor of Terrapin Station, from the savory confines of Alice's Restaurant to the dusty courtyards of the enigmatic Hotel California, Chance and his companions must race against time and the gathering storm as they seek to uncover a trail of clues stretching back thirty-five years into the past. Each new piece of the puzzle seems to raise as many questions as it answers, and as they dig deeper only one thing becomes certain - that somehow, the Red Octopus, Dr. Woodburn, and UniPharm are all inextricably linked together in the dark web of conspiracy which threatens to destroy the city.

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